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Personal Injury Lawyer Houston

A catastrophic injury will undoubtedly alter the course of your life and your family's life forever.

Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys

At Schiffer Law Firm, we are here for those harmed or seriously injured by the actions of industrial operations, construction companies, trucking companies and others responsible for conducting safe operations. These companies are not only responsible for operating safely, they’re also responsible for taking care of those injured as a result of those operations. This, sadly, is often not the case.

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We’re prepared for your situation.

That’s why, at Schiffer Law Firm, we help our clients stand up and fight for their legal rights and ensure that they receive the compensation they need to cover the significant costs associated with lost wages, medical treatment and more.

Our guiding philosophy of PREPARATION & FOCUS means we never lose sight of our objective – winning the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Representing Individuals Affected By:

You might be facing a case against a massive industrial company or a multinational in the construction industry and not know where to start. That’s where we as your personal injury attorneys come in. We will make sure your story is heard and that companies understand they have a responsibility for people’s safety, and that responsibility must be met.

We are there for our clients, so they and their families receive the compensation they deserve.

We fight for you, always.

As if a serious accident wasn’t traumatic enough, people are then forced to fight against investigators, lawyers and doctors on the payroll of massive insurance companies. At Schiffer Law Firm we relish the opportunity to stand up and fight against huge industrial interests that have not met their responsibilities and have caused you harm. Our PREPARATION & FOCUS are brought to bear on your case, so you have the clarity necessary to face the obstacles in front of you. No matter how great.

You are our priority.

We are a family firm and we’re here to fight for you and your family. We only ever take on a limited number of cases because we know that the deeper we go, the greater the level of detail, the better the outcome. The right outcome in a personal injury case will change the lives of our clients and secure their families’ futures. The stakes are so high, it’s life and death. For us, it’s personal just like it is for our clients.

The bigger they are.

Battling huge insurance companies and armies of attorneys, the world of personal litigation seems set up to intimidate with the sheer weight of the team behind big corporate interests. At Schiffer Law Firm we don’t subscribe to the philosophy of bigger is better. In fact we’ve built our reputation on lazer focus and attention to detail. We carefully, and intentionally limit our number of clients. Huge firms and huge companies, simply cannot offer the attention to detail clients deserve. Our tailor-made “trial game plans” use the slightest of details in order to give our clients the edge they need. Our strategies wrongfoot the opposition.


Some call it hard work, we call it proper preparation.

PREPARATION & FOCUS is more than a tagline, it’s in our DNA here at Schiffer Law Firm. We thrive on going deeper into the detail of your case than anyone else. We will uncover the smallest of threads in order to unravel the opposing side’s arguments. Our approach has led to us receiving awards from both state and national legal rating groups. But more than that it leads to us winning cases and improving our clients’ lives and the lives of their families. There is nothing that gives us greater satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer? Should I Hire One?

If you’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence you should speak with an attorney to understand your legal options. Houston personal injury lawyers represent people who’ve been injured due to individual or organisational negligence. With a personal injury lawyer it is much more likely people who’ve been injured or lost a loved one will recover losses such as lost wages, medical costs and more.

Why Hire a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Who Tries Cases?

Hiring a Houston personal injury lawyer with a strong track record of winning cases at trial is important. Many lawyers do not spend a lot of time in court, meaning defendants are less likely to settle or will settle for less than your injuries are worth. With our history of winning cases at trial, we have the leverage needed to ensure we get the best settlement deal possible for you and your family.

Will I Go To Court?

When it comes to personal injury cases, they often don’t go to trial. If your case doesn’t go to court, it means your opponent has offered a settlement. A settlement is where you are compensated for your losses. At Schiffer Law Firm we only ever settle if we know we are getting the best outcome possible for our clients.

What Kind of Cases Do Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Handle?

Houston personal injury attorneys handle cases where someone is injured due to the poor judgement, recklessness or negligence of another party. These cases can include almost any kind of accident ranging from accidents on construction sites to truck accidents to industrial explosions.

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

If there is permanent impairment of a person’s mobility or cognitive function, they have suffered a catastrophic injury. Diminished quality of life is a key indicator of a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries can include almost any type of injury: brain injuries, loss of sight, or other long-term trauma leading to impairment or loss of quality of life.

How Much Is My Houston Personal Injury Case Worth?

The worth of a case is related to the severity of the injuries suffered and the losses suffered due to those injuries. Factors to be considered include lost wages, loss in quality of life, medical bills, future treatment costs, lost future income and lost wages. Those suffering life-altering injuries can factor in a loss in quality of life due to things such as loss of consortium and physical pain. Talk to us to understand the value of your personal injury claim.