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Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

Schiffer Law Firm has over 45 years combined experience representing individuals in high-profile and high-risk Criminal Defense and Personal Injury litigation throughout Texas and Nationwide.

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At the Schiffer Law Firm, attorneys Paul and Jacob Schiffer together have over 45 years of combined legal experience and descend from a dynasty of American lawyers going back over 200 years.

The common thread in every case and the firm’s guiding philosophy: PREPARATION & FOCUS

Unique to Schiffer Law Firm, we believe it paramount to the success of every case that we truly get to know our clients, learn the most minute facts surrounding their case, remain disciplined and consistent in learning the newest changes to the law, and meticulously researching our opposition so that we know how to get the best results.

Schiffer Law Firm has been recognized time and time again for our innovative trial techniques and courtroom charisma. We wholeheartedly recognize that people learn in different ways and we understand that we must adapt every client’s unique case accordingly, whether it is to encourage a prosecutor, judge, or jury.

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Schiffer Law Firm proudly fights for individual clients and their families who have been wrongfully accused, had their constitutional rights violated, and those who have been harmed by others, defective products, or corporate negligence.

It is our passion to fight for the underdog against the giants; the Davids versus the Goliaths. No matter if we’re defending an individual in criminal court facing the entire state or United States government or we’re representing a plaintiff in civil court and fighting against billion dollars corporations.

Criminal Defense

Schiffer Law Firm practices in the areas of criminal defense in both state and federal courts, mainly representing individuals accused of high-profile, high-risk felony offenses such as sex crimes, white collar crimes, federal healthcare fraud, federal drug crimes, employee theft, and murder to name a few.

Personal Injury

Furthermore, Schiffer Law Firm represents individuals or their families in personal injury law, including, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, mass torts, toxic torts, pharmaceutical litigation and product liability.

Representing Individuals Accused Of:


Serious Problems Require Serious Lawyers.

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