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Brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI) are often caused by being struck on the head by something heavy or falling from a height. The severity of head trauma and brain injury is dependent on a variety of factors.

Our top-rated Houston brain injury lawyers are committed to fighting for the rights of accident victims. At Schiffer Law Firm, we offer you a free case review. Call us today on (866) 859-3148.

Our top-rated Texas brain damage lawyers are here to help bring the strongest case possible against any responsible parties. If you need help determining what sort of compensation you are entitled to, our Houston brain injury lawyers are here for you. Brain injuries are often misunderstood and occur under complex conditions. Traumatic Brain Injuries can result from being hit by or stuck under heavy objects, falling from heights (such as scaffolding) or equipment collapsing. It’s also important to understand the variety of head injuries. Penetrating injuries can result in TBI as well as leading to infection. Blunt force trauma, or closed head injuries are those where there is no penetration.

What Should I Do After A Brain Injury?

Seeking the best possible medical treatment is the number one priority after any kind of head trauma including those causing brain injury. From there, it is essential to seek guidance from your attorney. Perhaps someone else caused your injury – a manufacturer who’s developed a faulty product, or an out of control drunk driver. For those injured at work it’s important to understand what your legal options are and what type of compensation you are entitled to. Perhaps a workplace injury has led to lost earnings or expensive hospital treatments and you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. Regardless of the circumstances at Schiffer Law Firm, our traumatic brain injury lawyers will work to make sure you receive the financial compensation you are entitled to, so you can move forward with your life.

What Are The Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injury?

The effects of traumatic brain injury are many and varied. Sufferers of mild traumatic brain injuries might experience loss of memory, sensitivity to light and sound and depression. Those who suffer severe brain injuries may fall into and remain in a coma or a non-responsive state indefinitely. The variety of mental effects can include difficulty sleeping, mood swings, memory loss, difficulty concentrating and anxiety and depression. Physical effects can include dizziness and lack of balance, blurred vision, loss of hearing, speech problems, loss of focus and headaches. Many cases of traumatic brain injury require the sufferer to undergo an extensive and ongoing rehabilitation process.

Can You Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries?

All brain injuries should be closely monitored to see if they worsen over time. Very mild injuries can be treated with over the counter pain medication and rest. If your symptoms persist or worsen it’s important you consult your doctor as soon as possible. Treatments can vary depending on the severity of the injury. A combination of treatments are used to treat traumatic brain injuries including surgery, rehabilitation and different medications.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

With such a wide variety of symptoms and effects rehabilitation of brain injuries can be a long and arduous process involving many medical professionals and specialisations.

Trauma-Induced Memory Loss & Amnesia

Memory loss can relate to events from the past, recent events or a combination of both. The onset of these effects can be sudden or gradual, temporary or permanent.

Some common causes of memory loss include:

Memory loss has a variety of symptoms including a lack of alertness, getting lost, confusion, forgetting what you are doing while you’re doing it and an inability to recall commonly used words or concentrating during conversations.

Skull Fractures

Blunt force trauma can sometimes fracture the skull, which can in turn damage the brain. Blunt force trauma in the workplace can be caused by a fall, or debris striking the head.

Some of the industries where workers are more likely to suffer a skull fracture include:

Closed Head Injuries

Closed brain injuries are those where the trauma doesn’t break the skull.

They are caused by the brain shaking inside the skull. Some of the most common reasons for closed brain injuries occurring include:

As with all brain injuries the diversity in level of trauma is wide ranging from mild, to life-altering debilitation and death.

Common closed head injuries include:

The symptoms of these injuries include:

Cognitive Disorders Resulting from Traumatic Brain Injuries

Cognitive disorders refer to conditions that limit cognitive functioning, such as memory processing, problem-solving, and language development.

These disorders range from amnesia and dementia to anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.

Neurological injuries can be caused by physical trauma, genetic diseases, or infection. Symptoms of neurological injuries vary and can affect thought, movement, and sensation.

Cognitive disorders can have a significant impact on daily life, affecting work, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Treatment options include medication and adaptive therapies.

Memory loss can be caused by brain trauma, vitamin deficiencies, depression, certain medications, infections, or substance abuse. There are different types of amnesia, such as transient global amnesia, anterograde amnesia, and retrograde amnesia.

Symptoms of memory loss include confusion, decreased alertness, and difficulties with familiar tasks.

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