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One car accident every minute

The National Highway Traffic Administration has found that a car accident occurs every 60 seconds in America, from minor collisions to life-changing accidents. Despite being so frequent, traffic collisions are unique in nature, with an extensive range of damages and consequences.

Car accidents are often complex, involving multiple parties. Schiffer Law Firm knows these cases require an expert legal team to understand your circumstance and we will build the strongest case for you.

Do I need legal help following a car accident?

With car accidents being part and parcel of driving on our roads, Schiffer Law Firm is there to make sure you understand the legal options available to you, regardless of the accident’s severity or fault.

Legal support following a car accident can help build a comprehensive case and establish clarity of circumstance. The basis of car accident cases involves demonstrating that another driver has breached their duty of following road rules as a driver, causing the accident and harm.

While you are still recovering from your car accident, our lawyers are there to help you navigate the legal process so you can receive the compensation you are entitled to, and understand the relevant course of legal action.

What do I do following a car accident?

When a car accident occurs (if you’re able to), it’s important to gather the relevant information and evidence at the scene including taking pictures and noting witnesses. It’s extremely important that you should make contact with a legal team promptly following the accident so you can understand your legal options and begin organizing a case.

What do I do following a hit and run?

Car accidents involving hit and runs can add stress and confusion to an already traumatic incident. Although the driver responsible may have fled the scene, it is important to still report the accident and seek legal action.

Schiffer Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys can help you with your accident’s investigation and help ensure you receive the appropriate restitution as it applies to your unique circumstances.

What do I do following an accident caused by a defective car part?

With our cars relying on hundreds of moving parts to run, on occasion, there are manufacturing defects and defective parts that can cause accidents or exacerbate the injuries experienced. Ultimately, most car accidents are a result of driver negligence or error. This includes improper car maintenance by the owner, causing cars to malfunction or malfunction while driving.

However, if you have evidence that a defective vehicle or part has caused a car accident or contributed to the injuries experienced, Schiffer Law Firm is there to ensure your case is as strong as it can possibly be.

Why do I need a car accident lawyer?

With car accidents being complex and multifaceted, Schiffer Law Firm supports you by understanding the nuances of your case, navigating the investigation and understanding the reparations available to you.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, make an appointment for a case evaluation to better understand your legal options today.