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Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. It’s an industry where there are frequent serious injuries resulting from dangerous working conditions. Malfunctioning safety practices and equipment on work sites can cause injuries to those working on site, and to bystanders as well. If the correct safety measures are not taken during a construction job, or there is some other form of negligence, the unfortunate result is that the injuries sustained during these accidents can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Construction accidents are all too often the cause of these injuries. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that 1 in 5 of every job-related fatality and 1 in 10 of every non-fatal workplace injury are construction related. This led to the sobering statistic in 2004 of more than 1000 construction workers suffering fatal accidents. Construction sites and the work needing to be done on them can often be dangerous. Whether digging the foundations of a large building underground or working near a busy freeway, it’s important to understand that construction is different to other industries. There are also the realities of construction workers having to use dangerous equipment like cranes, hazardous chemicals and other materials.

Houston Construction Injury Lawyers

The construction industry might have its dangers but this doesn’t mean that dangerous working conditions and the accidents caused by them should be accepted. Employers in the construction industry have a duty of care and must follow safety regulations to ensure the risk to employees is minimised. If these employers are negligent and that negligence leads to injury, then the injured party has a right to compensation.

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How is Schiffer Law Firm different?

Our guiding philosophy of PREPARATION & FOCUS means we never lose sight of our objective – winning the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our top-rated Houston construction injury lawyers are there to help bring the strongest possible case against negligent operators in the construction industry. We make sure your story is heard and that companies understand they have a responsibility for people’s safety, and that responsibility must be met.

The Dangers of Construction Work

Texas is riding a wave of success with business booming in The Lone Star State. People and corporations are flocking to capitalise on this boom and construction workers are highly sought after, helping fulfil the market’s demand for housing and commercial construction.

This rapid pace of growth has meant an explosion in population and the construction industry reflects that with over one million construction workers currently working in Texas. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States with construction workers facing hazards that could see them severely injured or killed. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been prevented if those in charge of the worksite had followed the right protocols and procedures.

The Workers Defence Project states:

Houston Construction Accident Lawyers

At Schiffer Law Firm, we understand that it’s about more than the statistics, it’s about people. We are here to help our clients stand up and fight for their legal rights and ensure that they receive the compensation they need to cover the significant costs associated with lost wages, medical treatment and more.

As if a serious construction accident wasn’t traumatic enough, people are then forced to fight for the just compensation they are entitled to. At Schiffer Law Firm we relish the opportunity to stand up and fight against construction companies that have not met their responsibilities and have caused you harm. Our PREPARATION & FOCUS are brought to bear on your case, so you have the clarity necessary to face the obstacles in front of you. No matter how great.

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At Schiffer Law Firm our construction accident attorneys have found that even when workers have made a mistake, it’s often the case that negligent behaviour and a failure to follow safety regulations on site are likely the cause. Construction site accidents happen in complex environments where there are often any number of contributing factors. You should not be punished for the factors that are out of your control as a construction worker.

PREPARATION & FOCUS is more than a tagline, it’s in our DNA here at Schiffer Law Firm. We thrive on going deeper into the detail of your case than anyone else. We will uncover the smallest of threads in order to unravel the opposing side’s arguments. Our approach has led to us receiving awards from both state and national legal rating groups. But more than that it leads to us winning cases and improving our clients’ lives and the lives of their families. There is nothing that gives us greater satisfaction.