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Construction Accident

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What is a Construction Accident?

From the smallest scratch to the serious injuries and even wrongful death, the responsibility for an accident relating to construction due to negligence is the responsibility of the negligent party.

Schiffer Law Firm knows construction accidents

If you’ve been injured on a construction site or by construction-related activity you have to have confidence that those offering you personal injury legal advice have your best interests top of mind.

At Schiffer Law Firm our dedication to you as our client means you know you can navigate the complexities of your construction accident, safe in the knowledge that your best interests are paramount.

Whether you’re in Texas or nationwide, Schiffer Law Firm approaches your personal injury case with tenacity and thoroughness.

How are construction accidents different from other accidents?

Construction sites can be dangerous and complex places to work.

If the safety standards on a particular site are not best practice this can increase the danger to you or your family members exponentially.

And, the stakes are high. From wrongful death, to brain injuries, to truck accidents, construction workers operate in a high risk environment.

The potential severity of injuries occurring on a construction site and the potential financial, emotional and financial damage to you or your family mean it is extremely important for you to appoint the right construction accident lawyer to your case.

How do I prove who’s at fault in a construction accident?

Proving who’s at fault when it comes to construction injuries can be complex and difficult. Laws vary from state-to-state but there are a number key areas that often apply across jurisdictions nationally.

That’s why engaging with an experienced construction accident lawyer is important. Here at Schiffer Law our high degree of personal injury law in general, and construction accident cases specifically, means we can help you to identify those patterns and ensure you understand the different parties that can be involved in a construction accident and what sort of evidence you need to gather to put the best possible case forward.

How do we determine liability?

We need to look at a number of different factors, which is why it’s critical to engage with a law firm that understands how to identify the guilty party and argue for adequate compensation.